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Contemporary Epistemology: An Anthology

Contemporary Epistemology: An Anthology

Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc
Year 08/03/2019
Pages 320
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9781119420774
Categories Philosophy: epistemology & theory of knowledge
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Book description

A rigorous, authoritative new anthology which brings together some of the most significant contemporary scholarship on the theory of knowledge Carefully-calibrated and judiciously-curated, this strong and contemporary new anthology builds upon Epistemology: An Anthology, Second Edition (Wiley Blackwell, 2008) by drawing a concise and well-balanced selection of higher-level readings from a large, diverse, and evolving body of research. Includes 17 readings that represent a broad and vital part of contemporary epistemology, including articles by female philosophers and emerging thought leaders Organized into seven thoughtful and distinct sections, including virtue epistemology, practical reasons for belief, and epistemic dysfunctions among others Designed to sit alongside the highly-successful anthology of canonical essays, Epistemology: An Anthology, Second Edition (Wiley Blackwell, 2008) Edited by a distinguished editorial team, including Ernie Sosa, one of the most influential active epistemologists Highlights cutting edge methodologies and contemporary topics for advanced students, instructors, and researchers

Contemporary Epistemology: An Anthology

Table of contents

Preface vii

Part I The Ethics of Belief 1

1 Deontological Desiderata 3
William Alston

2 Voluntary Belief and Epistemic Evaluation 17
Richard Feldman

Part II Practical Reasons for Belief ? 29

3 The Wrong Kind of Reason 31
Pamela Hieronymi

4 No Exception for Belief 44
Susanna Rinard

5 Promising Against the Evidence 58
Berislav Marusic

Part III Reliance 75

6 Evidentialism and Pragmatic Constraints on Outright Belief 77
Dorit Ganson

7 Alief and Belief 91
Tamar Gendler

8 Can It Be Rational to Have Faith? 110
Lara Buchak

9 Assertion and Practical Reasoning: Common or Divergent Epistemic Standards? 126
Jessica Brown

Part IV Epistemic Dysfunctions 147

10 Testimonial Injustice 149
Miranda Fricker

11 Cognitive Penetrability and Perceptual Justification 164
Susanna Siegel

Part V Virtue Epistemology 179

12 The Search for the Source of Epistemic Good 181
Linda Zagzebski

13 Why We Don't Deserve Credit for Everything We Know 192
Jennifer Lackey

14 A (Different) Virtue Epistemology 205
John Greco

15 Knowledge and Justification 220
Ernest Sosa

Part VI Disagreement 229

16 Epistemology of Disagreement: The Good News 231
David Christensen

17 The Epistemic Significance of Disagreement 249
Thomas Kelly

Part VII Permissivism About Belief ? 265

18 Epistemic Permissiveness 267
Roger White

19 Permission to Believe: Why Permissivism Is True and What It Tells Us About Irrelevant Influences on Belief 277
Miriam Schoenfield

Index 296

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