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The Renaissance Extended Mind

The Renaissance Extended Mind

Publisher Palgrave MacMillan
Year 08/07/2015
Pages 285
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9781137412843
Categories Literary studies: general, Philosophy of mind, Others
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Book description

The Renaissance Extended Mind explores the parallels and contrasts between current philosophical notions of the mind as extended across brain, body and world, and analogous notions in literary, philosophical, and scientific texts circulating between the fifteenth century and early-seventeenth century.

The Renaissance Extended Mind

Table of contents

1. The Extended Mind
2. Extending Literary Theory and the Psychoanalytic Tradition
3. Renaissance Subjects: Ensouled and Embodied
4. Renaissance Language and Memory Forms
5. Renaissance Intrasubjectivity and Intersubjectivity
6. Shakespeare: Natural-Born Mirrors
7. Shakespeare: Perspectives and Words of Glass

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