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Handbook of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Fifth Edition

Handbook of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Fifth Edition

Publisher CRC Press Inc.
Year 01/06/2018
Edition Fifth
Pages 1001
Version hardback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9781138033092
Categories Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Biotechnology
Replaces 9780849391682
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Book description

Edited by renowned protein scientist and bestselling author Roger L. Lundblad, with the assistance of Fiona M. Macdonald of CRC Press, this fifth edition of the Handbook of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology gathers a wealth of information not easily obtained, including information not found on the web. Presented in an organized, concise, and simple-to-use format, this popular reference allows quick access to the most frequently used data. Covering a wide range of topics, from classical biochemistry to proteomics and genomics, it also details the properties of commonly used biochemicals, laboratory solvents, and reagents. An entirely new section on Chemical Biology and Drug Design gathers data on amino acid antagonists, click chemistry, plus glossaries for computational drug design and medicinal chemistry. Each table is exhaustively referenced, giving the user a quick entry point into the primary literature. New tables for this edition: Chromatographic methods and solvents Protein spectroscopy Partial volumes of amino acids Matrix Metalloproteinases Gene Editing Click Chemistry

Handbook of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Fifth Edition

Table of contents


Properties of Amino Acids

Data on the Naturally Occurring Amino Acids

Coefficients of Solubility Equations of Certain Amino Acids in Water

Heat Capacities, Absolute Entropies, and Entropies of Formation of Amino Acids and Related Compounds

Heat of Combustion, Enthalpy, and Free Energy of Formation of Amino Acids and Related Compounds

Solubilities of Amino Acids in Water at Various Temperatures

Heats of Solution of Amino Acids in Aqueous Solution at 25 DegreesC

Free Energies of Solution and Standard Free Energy of Formation of Amino Acids in Aqueous Solution at 25 DegreesC

Far Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of Amino Acids

UV Absorption Characteristics of N-Acetyl Methyl Esters of the Aromatic Amino Acids, Cystine, and of N-Acetylcysteine

Numerical Values of the Absorbances of the Aromatic Amino Acids in Acid, Neutral, and Alkaline Solutions

Hydrophobicities of Amino Acids and Proteins

Partial Volumes of Amino Acids

Deamidation of Asparagine

Michael Reactions of Proteins

Molecular Weights of Proteins and Some Other Materials Including Sedimentation, Diffusion, and Frictional Coefficients and Partial Specific Volumes

Molar Absorptivity and A1cm 1% Values for Proteins at Selected Wavelengths of the Ultraviolet and Visible Region

Temperature Coefficients of Apparent Partial Specific Volumes of Proteins Expressed in ml/g/deg (dV/dT)

Protein pK Values

Intrinsic Viscosity of Proteins

Infrared Spectra of Proteins

Volume Changes for Some Macromolecule Association Reactions

Assay of Solution Protein Concentration

Spectrophotometric Determination of Protein Concentration in the Short-Wavelength Ultraviolet


Turnover of Enzymes in Tissues

Molecular Turnover of Cytochromes in Animals

Matrix Metalloproteinases

Proteases in the Interstitial Space

Enzymes in Synthetic OrganicChemistry

Therapeutic Enzymes

Protease Inhibitors and Protease Inhibitor Cocktails


Evolution of the Classification and Nomenclature of Lipids

A Brief Glossary for Lipidomics

A Comprehensive Classification System for Lipids

Properties of Fatty Acids and Their Methyl Esters

Densities, Specific Volumes, and Temperature Coefficients of Fatty Acids from C8 to C12

Composition and Properties of Common Oils and Fats

Spectral Properties of Fatty Acids

IR Active Bands of Phosphatidylethanolamines (PE)

Concentration of Some Fatty Acids in Human Blood, Blood Plasma or Blood Serum


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