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The Client Role in Successful Construction Projects

The Client Role in Successful Construction Projects

Publisher Routledge
Year 01/05/2019
Edition First
Pages 294
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9781138058217
Categories Property & real estate, Building construction & materials
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Book description

The Client Role in Successful Construction Projects is a practical guide for clients on how to initiate, procure and manage construction projects and developments. This book is written from the perspective of the client initiating a construction project as part of a business venture and differs from most available construction literature which can externalise the client as a risk to be managed by the design team. The book provides a practical framework for new and novice clients undertaking construction, giving them a voice and enabling them to: Understand the challenges that they and the project are likely to face. Communicate and interact effectively with key stakeholders and professionals within the industry. Understand in straightforward terms where they can have a positive impact on the project. Put in place a client-side due diligence process. Reduce their institutional risk and the risk of project failure. Discover how their standard models are able to co-exist and even transfer to a common client-side procedure for managing a construction project. Written by clients, for clients, this book is highly recommended not only for clients, but for construction industry professionals who want to develop their own skills and enhance their working relationship with their clients. A supporting website for the book will be available, which will give practical examples of the points illustrated in the book and practical advice from specialists in the field.

The Client Role in Successful Construction Projects

Table of contents


Author biographies

Foreword by Brigadier Miles Wade CBE

Foreword by Professor Peter McDermott FRICS PhD



List of Figures

List of Tables

Part One: An introduction into the Construction Industry and Construction Clients by Dr Jason Challender

1. Introduction


2. A model of construction clients and their projects

2.1 Clients and the process of construction

2.2 The 'client voice'

2.3 The complexity of clients

2.4 Client requirements through project briefs

2.5 The transformational nature of client projects

2.5.1 Buildings, organisational and human considerations

2.5.2 Organisational changes in clients brought about through projects

2.6 Project and client requirements

2.6.1 Understanding the businesses of construction clients

2.7 Summary of chapter


3. The unique role of clients in the context of the construction industry

3.1 The bespoke nature of the construction industry

3.2 The construction Industry and recent reforms

3.3 The involvement of clients in the procurement of design and construction services

3.3.1 Traditional procurement of construction projects; barriers and problems

3.3.2 Deficiencies with traditional construction procurement

3.4 Overall context of collaborative working and partnering within the construction industry

3.5 Alternative procurement methods for clients on construction projects

3.5.1 Government context; reports, codes of practice and recommendations for change

3.5.2 Industry and professional context

3.6 Summary


4. The importance of leadership for construction clients

4.1 Introduction to chapter

4.2 Leadership Identity and relevance for construction clients

4.3 Leadership challenges for construction clients

4. 4. Keys components of leadership for construction clients

4.5 Leadership styles as applied to construction clients

4.6 The importance of communication for construction clients in leadership

4.7 Adaptability of leadership styles for construction clients

4.8 The relationship between poor client leadership and project failure

4.9 Summary


5. Governance considerations for construction clients

5.1 Introduction to chapter

5.2 Project controls

5.3 The importance of project/programme boards

5.4 Gateway processes for project approval and business cases

5.5 Summary of chapter


6. Selection and appointment processes for construction clients

6.1 Introduction to chapter

6.2 The importance of the contrac

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