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The Development of Dyslexia and other SpLDs

The Development of Dyslexia and other SpLDs

Publisher Taylor & Francis Ltd
Year 26/10/2020
Pages 326
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9781138207813
Categories Cognition & cognitive psychology, Teaching of dyslexic students, Speech & language disorders & therapy
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Book description

Development of Dyslexia and Other SpLDs is about the persistence of dyslexia and specific learning difficulties (SpLD) into adulthood. It pulls together experiences of many dyslexic/SpLD people. The book is written with non-linear readers in mind: those who need to move about a book picking up ideas that are currently relevant to them; a style that suits many dyslexic/SpLD readers. The book gives a framework for understanding the wide-ranging experiences of dyslexic/SpLD adults. With the greater understanding, there should be better help for: * adults who still have no strategies for dealing with dyslexic/ SpLD problems * children who have some skills but not at the level of their overall intelligence * young children who show the first signs of difficulties * dyslexic/SpLD children in mainstream schools. A new paradigm is proposed whereby all teaching programmes utilise each learner's learning strengths - catering for dyslexic and SpLD adults and children involves vital teaching and learning approaches that are good practice for all.

The Development of Dyslexia and other SpLDs

Table of contents

Useful Preface 1. No Cure, Please Start Early 2. What Goes Wrong 3. Adaptations for Children 4. New Paradigm Appendix 1 Resources Appendix 2 Indiviudal, Personal Profile of Dyslexia/ SpLD and Regime for Managing Dyslexia/ SpLD Appendix 3 Key Concepts Glossary List of Templates on the Website

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