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100 Cases in Clinical Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Prescribing

100 Cases in Clinical Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Prescribing

Publisher Taylor & Francis Ltd
Year 12/02/2020
Pages 232
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9781138489592
Categories Pharmacology, Medical study & revision guides & reference material
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Book description

100 Cases in Clinical Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Prescribing explores scenarios commonly seen by medical students and junior doctors in the ward, emergency department, outpatient clinic or in general practice in which an understanding of pharmacology and sound prescribing practice is central to successful clinical management and safe patient care. A succinct summary of the patient's history, examination and any initial investigations is followed by questions on the diagnosis and management of the case. The answer includes a detailed discussion on each topic, providing practical advice on how to deal with the challenges that occur when prescribing, including planning, drug calculations, prescription review and adverse drug reactions. The book will be invaluable during clinical placements and is an ideal companion during preparation for the Prescribing Safety Assessment examination. Making speedy and appropriate clinical decisions, and choosing the best course of action to take as a result, is one of the most important and challenging parts of training to become a doctor. These true-to-life cases will teach students and junior doctors to prescribe appropriately, and to hone their diagnostic and management skills.

100 Cases in Clinical Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Prescribing

Table of contents

Basic principles. The Cytochrome P450 System. Therapeutic Levels. Renal Excretion. Drug Interactions. Monoclonal Antibody Therapy. Ligand-Gated Ion Channels. Acetylation. Metabolism. Distribution. Absorption. Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone Axis. COX Inhibition. 5-HT Receptors. Dose-Response Curves. G Protein-Coupled Receptors. Therapeutics. Toxicology. Ecstasy. Managing Nausea and Vomiting. Managing Pain. Managing Delirium. Acetylcysteine. End of Life Care. De-prescribing. Anti-epileptics in Pregnancy. Treating Macrocytic Anaemias. Prescribing cases. Prescribing 1. Adverse Drug Reactions. Prescribing 2. Prescribing 3. Planning Management 1. Calculating Skills 1. Adverse Drug Reactions 2. Prescribing 4. Prescribing 5. Planning Management 2. Prescribing 6. Calculation Skills 2. Prescribing 7. Prescribing 8. Prescribing 9. Prescription Review 1. Prescribing 10. Planning Management 3. Prescription Review 2. Planning Management 4. Planning Management 5. Providing Information 1. Calculation Skills 3. Calculation Skills 4. Adverse Drug Reactions 3. Data Interpretation 1. Planning Management 6. Drug Monitoring 1. Prescribing 11. Prescription Review 3. Prescription Review 4. Planning Management 7. Drug Monitoring 2. Data Interpretation 2. Planning Management 8. Calculation Skills 5. Providing Information 2. Prescribing 11. Prescription Review 5. Prescribing 12. Drug Monitoring 3. Data Interpretation 3. Adverse Drug Reactions 4. Calculation Skills 6. Providing Information 3. Prescription Review 6. Drug Monitoring 4. Drug Monitoring 5. Data Interpretation 4. Adverse Drug Reactions 5. Prescribing 13. Providing Information 4. Prescription Review 7. Prescribing 14. Drug Monitoring 6. Data Interpretation 5. Adverse Drug Reactions 6. Calculation Skills 7. Providing Information 5. Prescribing 15. Drug Monitoring 7. Data Interpretation 6. Planning Management 9. Calculation Skills 8. Planning Management 10. Prescribing 16. Data Interpretation 7. Adverse Drug Reactions 7. Providing Information 6. Providing Information 7. Drug Monitoring 8. Prescription Review 8. Adverse Drug Reactions 8. Planning Management 11. Prescription Review 9.

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