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Human Rights and the Criminal Justice System

Human Rights and the Criminal Justice System

Publisher Routledge
Year 01/03/2016
Edition First
Pages 190
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9781138665316
Categories Comparative law, International human rights law, Human rights & civil liberties law, Criminal justice law
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Book description

We now live in a world which thinks through the legislative implications of criminal justice with one eye on human rights. Human Rights and the Criminal Justice System provides comprehensive coverage of human rights as it relates to the contemporary criminal justice system. As well as being a significant aspect of international governance and global justice, Amatrudo and Blake argue here that human rights have also eclipsed the rhetoric of religion in contemporary moral discussion. This book explores topics such as terrorism, race, and the rights of prisoners, as well as existing legal structures, court practices, and the developing literature in Criminology, Law and Political Science, in order to critically review the relationship between the developing body of human rights theory and practice, and the criminal justice system. This book will be of considerable interest to those with academic concerns in this area; as well as providing an accessible, yet sophisticated, resource for upper level undergraduate and postgraduate human rights courses.

Human Rights and the Criminal Justice System

Table of contents

Acknowledgements, Chapter 1: Human Rights and Contemporary Criminology, Chapter 2: European Convention on Human Rights and Contemporary Human Rights Theory, Chapter 3: Human Rights in British and European Law, Chapter 4: Recent Court Cases and their Principles, Chapter 5: Race and Gender Issues and Human Rights, Chapter 6: Victims, Victimology and Human Rights, Chapter 7: Terrorism: Terror and its implications for human rights, Chapter 8: The Problems of a Globalised World: Transnational Criminal Justice Issues, Chapter 9: The Rights of Prisoners, Chapter 10: Conclusion, Index

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