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Revitalizing Urban Waterway Communities: Streams of Environmental Justice

Revitalizing Urban Waterway Communities: Streams of Environmental Justice

Publisher Taylor & Francis Ltd
Year 15/06/2018
Pages 208
Version hardback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9781138698611
Categories Urban communities, Human geography, Drought & water supply, Conservation of the environment
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Book description

The revitalizing and restoration of rivers, creeks and streams is a major focus of urban conservation activity throughout North America and Europe. This book presents models and examples for organizing multiple stakeholders for purposes of waterway revitalization-if not restoration-within a context of fairness and environmental justice. After decades of neglect and misuse the challenge of cleaning up urban rivers and streams is shown to be complex and truly daunting. Urban river cleanup typically involves multiple agendas and stakeholders, as well as complicated technical issues. It is also often the situation that the most affected have the least voice in what happens. The authors present social process models for maximum inclusion of various stakeholders in decision-making for urban waterway regeneration. A range of examples is presented, drawn principally from North America and Europe.

Revitalizing Urban Waterway Communities: Streams of Environmental Justice


1. Introduction: Urban Waterway History and Planning Context

Richard Smardon

2. History of Urban River Restoration in Europe

Richard Smardon

3. The Big Picture-Framing Environmental Justice, Political Ecology and Stream Restoration

April Karen Baptiste and Sharon Moran

4. Environmental Justice Leadership and Intergenerational Continuity

April Karen Baptiste

5. Public Engagement Process

Richard Smardon

6. Restoring Streams and Relationships

Richard Smardon, Sharon Moran, Jill Weiss, and Blake Neumann

7. Community Engagement and Mapping

Richard Smardon

8. Urban Waterways as Green Infrastructure

Richard Smardon and April Karen Baptiste

9. Creative Engagements with Waterway Restoration and Environmental Justice

Sharon Moran

10. Summary and Streams of Revitalization Practice

April Karen Baptiste, Sharon Moran, and Richard Smardon

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