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Gold and International Finance

Gold and International Finance

Publisher Routledge
Year 01/01/2017
Edition First
Pages 92
Version hardback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9781138807952
Categories Commodities
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Book description

This book describes the history of gold as a financial instrument and discusses gold exchanges in the major markets. It also describes the history of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (CGSE), its current organizational structure and membership registration system. The book also includes the development and growth of the gold market in Hong Kong and the role played by CGSE in the growth of the Chinese gold market. It includes a brief description of the CGSE in the twenty-first century - its current role and what it may play in the future. The book explains factors that influence gold price and the mechanism of price formulation. It also describes the historic trends in the demand and supply of gold and the global inventory of gold, trends of the demand for investment holdings, jewelry manufacturing and industrial usage. The book also compares the movements in gold price with inflation and analyzes the data on how gold provides a hedge against inflation. It also examines and explains the relationship between gold and the US dollar (USD) and the correlation between dollar index (value of dollar against 16 major currencies) and gold price. It explores in depth on the relationship between gold price, output and inventories and major economic indices. This is a good reference for those interested in the comprehensive view of gold and its importance in the world economies.

Gold and International Finance


List of illustrations


1 Introduction

2 Gold property and gold market mechanism

3 In-depth interview on topical issues in the gold market of Hong Kong

4 Gold market and impact factors analysis

5 Internationalization of RMB and Hong Kong as an offshore market

6 Hong Kong gold market and its products promote the construction of Hong Kong CNH Centre and the internationalization of RMB



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