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Jawetz Melnick & Adelbergs Medical Microbiology 28 E

Jawetz Melnick & Adelbergs Medical Microbiology 28 E

Publisher McGraw-Hill
Year 01/08/2019
Edition 28
Pages 880
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9781260012026
Categories Medical microbiology & virology
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Book description

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Understand the clinically relevant aspects of microbiology with this student-acclaimed, full-color review --- bolstered by case studies and hundreds of USMLE (R)-style review questions Since 1954, Jawetz, Melnick & Adelberg's Medical Microbiology has been hailed by students, instructors, and clinicians as the single-best resource for understanding the roles microorganisms play in human health and illness. Concise and fully up to date, this trusted classic links fundamental principles with the diagnosis and treatment of microbial infections. Along with brief descriptions of each organism, you will find vital perspectives on pathogenesis, diagnostic laboratory tests, clinical findings, treatment, and epidemiology. The book also includes an entire chapter of case studies that focuses on differential diagnosis and management of microbial infections. Here's why Jawetz, Melnick & Adelberg's Medical Microbiology is essential for USMLE (R) review: *640+ USMLE-style review questions *350+ illustrations *140+ tables*22 case studies to sharpen your differential diagnosis and management skills *An easy-to-access list of medically important microorganisms *Coverage that reflects the latest techniques in laboratory and diagnostic technologies *Full-color images and micrographs *Chapter-ending summaries *Chapter concept checks Jawetz, Melnick & Adelberg's Medical Microbiology, Twenty-Eighth Edition effectively introduces you to basic clinical microbiology through the fields of bacteriology, mycology, and parasitology, giving you a thorough yet understandable review of the discipline. Begin your review with it and see why there is nothing as time tested or effective.

Jawetz Melnick & Adelbergs Medical Microbiology 28 E

Table of contents

Section I Fundamentals of Microbiology
1. The Science of Microbiology
Biologic Principles Illustrated by Microbiology
Chapter Summary
Review Questions
2. Cell Structure
Optical Methods
Eukaryotic Cell Structure
Prokaryotic Cell Structure
Morphologic Changes During Growth
Chapter Summary
Review Questions
3. Classification of Bacteria
Taxonomy-The Vocabulary of Medical Microbiology
Criteria for Identification of Bacteria
Classification Systems
Description of the Major Categories and Groups of Bacteria
Nonculture Methods for the Identification of Pathogenic Microorganisms
Updates to Taxonomic Changes
Review Questions
4. Growth, Survival, and Death of Microorganisms
Survival of Microorganisms in the Natural Environment
The Meaning of Growth
Exponential Growth
The Growth Curve in Batch Culture
Maintenance of Cells in the Exponential Phase
Growth in Biofilms
Definition and Measurement of Death
Environmental Control of Microbial Growth
Strategies to Control Bacteria at the Environmental Level
General Mechanisms of Biocide Action
Specific Actions of Selected Biocides
Relationship of Biocide Concentration and Time on Antimicrobial Killing
Key Concepts
Review Questions
5. Cultivation of Microorganisms
Requirements for Growth
Sources of Metabolic Energy
Environmental Factors Affecting Growth
Cultivation Methods
Chapter Summary
Review Questions
6. Microbial Metabolism
Role of Metabolism in Biosynthesis and Growth
Focal Metabolites and Their Interconversion
Assimilatory Pathways
Biosynthetic Pathways
Patterns of Microbial Energy-Yielding Metabolism
Regulation of Metabolic Pathways
Chapter Summary
Review Questions
7. Microbial Genetics
Nucleic Acids and Their Organization in Eukaryotic, Prokaryotic, and Viral Genomes
Transfer of DNA
Mutation and Gene Rearrangement
Gene Expression
Genetic Engineering
Characterization of Cloned DNA
Site-Directed Mutagenesis
Analysis of DNA, RNA, or Protein-Expressing Clones
Manipulation of Cloned DNA
Chapter Summary
Review Questions
Section II Immunology
8. Immunology
Innate Immunity
Adaptive Immunity
Microbiome and Immune System
Defects of the Immune Response
Tumor Immunology
Clinical Immunology Laboratory (Diagnostic Testing)
Chapter Summary
Review Questions
Section III

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