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ISE Applied Statistics in Business and Economics

ISE Applied Statistics in Business and Economics

Publisher McGraw-Hill Education
Year 23/01/2018
Edition 6
Pages 866
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9781260092523
Categories Business & management
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Book description

Applied Statistics in Business and Economics provides real meaning to the use of statistics in the real world by using real business situations and real data while appealing students to know the why, rather than just the how. Four distinct objectives have been met to follow this premise: Objective 1: Communicate the Meaning of Variation in a Business Context Objective 2: Use Real Data and Real Business Applications Objective 3: Incorporate Current Statistical Practices and Offer Practical Advice Objective 4: Provide More In-Depth Explanation of the Why and Let the Software Take Care of the How The emphasis of the 6th edition remains the same; thinking about data, choosing appropriate analytic tools, using computers effectively, and recognizing limitations of statistics.

ISE Applied Statistics in Business and Economics

Table of contents

CHAPTER ONE: Overview of Statistics
CHAPTER TWO: Data Collection
CHAPTER THREE: Describing Data Visually
CHAPTER FOUR: Descriptive Statistics
CHAPTER FIVE: Probability
CHAPTER SIX: Discrete Probability Distributions
CHAPTER SEVEN: Continuous Probability Distributions
CHAPTER EIGHT: Sampling Distributions and Estimation
CHAPTER NINE: One-Sample Hypothesis Tests
CHAPTER TEN: Two-Sample Hypothesis Tests
CHAPTER ELEVEN: Analysis of Variance
CHAPTER TWELVE: Simple Regression
CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Multiple Regression
CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Time-Series Analysis
CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Nonparametric Tests
CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Quality Management

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