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Collinson: International Business_p8

Collinson: International Business_p8

Publisher Pearson Education Limited
Year 03/02/2020
Edition 8
Pages 744
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9781292274157
Categories International business
Replaces 9781292064390
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Book description

This comprehensive textbook aims to give students a critical understanding of international business through practical theory. The new and revised 8th edition presents students with data and evidence to map trends, make predictions and take on the role of decision makers in business and governments to enable them to lead organizations with real insight in a complex, global environment. Focusing on the impacts of decisions on both the performance of multinational firms and the societies and economies they work in, this new edition includes: - Over 90 new and updated case studies from a diverse range of businesses and industries from around the world, such as IKEA, Alibaba, the global beer market, MPesa mobile banking and the Canadian car manufacturer Magna - New content on responsible business, illustrated with case studies on the US-Venezuela oil dispute, the Huawei spy accusation and climate change partnerships between businesses and government agencies - A new emphasis on global value chains, outsourcing and co-operative alliances underpinned by innovation and knowledge creation - The major implications of on-going changes in the politics of global trade including Brexit and the US-China trade war Further data and analysis is available on the companion website at www.pearsoned.co.uk/collinson. Simon Collinson is Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor, Director of the City-Region Economic Development Institute (City-REDI) and Professor of International Business and Innovation, at the University of Birmingham, UK. Rajneesh Narula is the John H. Dunning Chair of International Business Regulation at the Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK. Professor Alan M. Rugman was the founding author of this textbook, this book is his legacy, and serves as a reminder of his contribution to the IB field. Dr. Amir Qamar is Assistant Professor in Strategic Management.

Collinson: International Business_p8

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