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Contemporary Human Geography

Contemporary Human Geography

Publisher Freeman WH
Year 01/02/2019
Edition Second
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9781319059811
Categories Human geography
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Book description

This textbook actually shows your students what real life geographers do. How they are able to conduct different types of research, develop new insights and teach us more about the world through a geographer's viewpoint. These are all skills that can then be applied in a wide range of academic and professional areas. With chapters organised into 5 different themes, you can choose which areas of the text you wish to focus on, including (mobility, region, globalization, nature-culture, cultural landscape). You can also introduce your students to a number of fascinating contemporary topics, such as vampire tourism, the rise of the LBGT districts, texting and language modification.

Contemporary Human Geography

Table of contents

Human Geography: A Cultural Approach
Geographies of Cultural Difference: One World or Many?
Population Geography: Shaping the Human Mosaic
The Geography of Language: Locating the Spoken Word
Geographies of Race and Ethnicity: Melting Pot or Salad Bowl?
Political Geography: A Divided World
The Geography of Religion: Space and Places of Sacredness
The Geography of Agriculture and Food: Shaping the Land, Feeding the World
Development Geography: Transforming Landscapes of Well-Being
Urban Geography: A World of Cities

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