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The Last Greek

The Last Greek

Publisher Orion Publishing Co
Year 16/04/2020
Pages 400
Version hardback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781409176596
Categories Adventure, Historical adventure, Historical romance, Historical fiction, Military history, Battles & campaigns
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Book description

Few writers are better at conjuring up a vision of Ancient Greece' THE TIMES * * * * * * * 210BCE. The most powerful empires in the world brawl over the spoils of a declawed Greece. Philopoemen has a vision to end the chaos and anarchy that consumes his homeland - to stop the endless wars and preserve the world he loves. He must resist the urge of the oligarchs to surrender to their oppressors and raise an army to defend his countrymen from the all-conquering powers of Sparta, Macedon and Rome. It is the last roll of the dice for the Achean League. The moment Philopoemen has been training for his whole life. The new Achilles is poised to restore the glory of the former empire. To herald a new era. To become the last great hero of Greece. * * * * * * * Praise for Christian Cameron: 'One of the finest writers of historical fiction in the world' BEN KANE 'The master of historical fiction' SUNDAY TIMES 'A storyteller at the height of his powers' HISTORICAL NOVEL SOCIETY

The Last Greek

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