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Teaching Public Health

Teaching Public Health

Publisher John Hopkins University Press
Year 01/08/2019
Edition First
Pages 352
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9781421429809
Categories Higher & further education, tertiary education, Teaching of a specific subject, Public health & preventive medicine
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Book description

As more students are drawn to public health as a field of study and a profession, bringing varied backgrounds and experiences with them, the number of public health programs and schools of public health has grown substantially. How can teachers meet the changing needs of incoming students-and ensure that graduates have the knowledge, skills, and attributes to pursue further education and forge successful careers in public health? Aimed at experienced and new teachers alike, this timely volume is a cutting-edge primer on teaching public health around the globe. Bringing together leaders in the field with expertise across the educational continuum, the book combines the conceptual underpinnings needed to advance curricula with the resources to train and support faculty in innovative teaching methods. This thorough book * discusses challenges faced by public health teachers * examines the principles and practices for teaching at each level of study * describes technological and pedagogical innovations in public health education * stresses the importance of life-long learning and interprofessional education * offers concrete tips for engaging students through active and collaborative learning * focuses on teaching cultural competency and reaching diverse student populations * looks to the future, building on emerging trends and anticipating where the field is headed A field-defining volume, Teaching Public Health offers a concrete plan to ensure that both individual courses and overall curricula are responsive to the needs of a rapidly changing student body and the world beyond the school. Contributors: Linda Alexander, Susan Altfeld, Jessica S. Ancker, Lauren D. Arnold, Melissa D. Begg, Angela Breckenridge, Kathryn M. Cardarelli, Angela Carman, Trey Conatser, Lorraine M. Conroy, Yvette C. Cozier, Eugene Declercq, Marie Diener-West, Jen Dolan, Greg Evans, Julian Fisher, Elizabeth French, Sandro Galea, Daniel Gerber, Sophie Godley, Jacey A. Greece, Perry N. Halkitis, Jennifer Hebert-Beirne, Jyotsna Jagai, Katherine Johnson, Nancy Kane, David G. Kleinbaum, Wayne LaMorte, Meg Landfried, Delia L. Lang, Joel Lee, Laura Linnan, Laura Magana Valladares, Uchechi Mitchell, Beth Moracco, Robert Pack, Donna Petersen, Silvia E. Rabionet, Elizabeth Reisinger Walker, Richard Riegelman, Kathleen Ryan, Nelly Salgado de Snyder, Rachel Schwartz, Lisa M. Sullivan, Tanya Uden-Holman, Luann White, James Wolff, Randy Wykoff

Teaching Public Health

Table of contents

About the Authors
Part I. The Past and the Present
Chapter 1. The Evolution of Public Health Teaching
Lisa M. Sullivan and Sandro Galea
Chapter 2. The Current State of Public Health Education
Donna Petersen
Chapter 3. A Conceptual Orientation to Public Health Teaching
Robert Pack and Randy Wykoff
Part II. The Public Health Teaching Continuum
Chapter 4. Activating Public Health Learning for Adolescents and Young Adults
Perry N. Halkitis
Chapter 5. Undergraduate Education in Public Health
Lauren D. Arnold
Chapter 6. Community Colleges and Public Health: Building the Continuum of Public Health Education
Katherine Johnson and Richard Riegelman
Chapter 7. Master of Public Health Education
Marie Diener-West
Chapter 8. The DrPH Degree in Contemporary Public Health Education
Eugene Declercq
Chapter 9. Lifelong Learning
Joel Lee
Chapter 10. Interprofessional Education
Tanya Uden-Holman
Part III. Innovation in Public Health Teaching
Chapter 11. Public Health Course Design
Melissa D. Begg and Jessica S. Ancker
Chapter 12. Engaging the Public Health Student through Active and Collaborative Learning
Kathryn M. Cardarelli, Angela Carman, and Trey Conatser
Chapter 13. Teaching Cultural Competency for Twenty-First-Century Public Health Practice
Linda Alexander
Chapter 14. Teaching in a Diverse Classroom: A Student-Centered Approach
Lorraine M. Conroy, Susan Altfeld, Jennifer Hebert-Beirne, Jyotsna Jagai, and Uchechi Mitchell
Chapter 15. Innovative Active Learning in Public Health
David G. Kleinbaum
Chapter 16. Practice-Based Teaching in Public Health
Jacey A. Greece and James Wolff
Chapter 17. Teaching Public Health by the Case Method
Nancy Kane
Chapter 18. Group-Based Service Learning Teaching Approaches
Laura Linnan, Meg Landfried, Elizabeth French, and Beth Moracco
Chapter 19. Effective Collaborative Learning Experiences: It Is All in the Design
Luann White and Angela Breckenridge
Chapter 20. Navigating Difficult Conversations in Public Health Classrooms
Yvette C. Cozier and Sophie Godley
Chapter 21. Public Health Education and Service Learning
Daniel Gerber and Jen Dolan
Chapter 22. Technology in Teaching
Wayne LaMorte and Kathleen Ryan
Chapter 23. Teaching Support, Training, and Supporting Teaching Assistants
Greg Evans and Rachel Schwartz
Chapter 24. Innovations in Evaluating and Valuing Public Health Teaching: The Challenges of Course Evaluations
Delia L. Lang and Elizabeth Reisinger Walker
Part IV. The Present and the Future
Chapter 25. Responding Interprofessionally to a Compl

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