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The Psychology of Groups

The Psychology of Groups

Publisher American Psychological Association
Year 01/09/2020
Edition First
Pages 272
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9781433831805
Categories Social, group or collective psychology, Clinical psychology
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Book description

This book synthesizes research on groups from the fields of social psychology and clinical psychology and encourages collaboration among group researchers. Researchers in group psychology and group psychotherapy rarely consider each other's work, despite their clear areas of common interest. This book demonstrates how these separate but related lines of research can be used to inform and enrich each other. > Led by two past presidents of APA's Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy, this book features expert contributors who examine the interface between social or organizational research on groups and clinical research, as well as the application of findings in each area. They reveal that different kinds of groups are far more similar than they are different, and illustrate how group psychology as a line of inquiry and practice benefits from improved dialogue among its domains. For example, there is growing literature on how individual personality factors such as attachment can affect group processes and outcomes in group psychotherapy. Similarly, research on expectations of social inclusion and ostracism in groups has a long history in social psychology, and there is great potential for these areas of inquiry to inform future research in both clinical and social contexts.

The Psychology of Groups

Table of contents

Introduction -
Craig D. Parks and Giorgio A. Tasca
A Review of Research Synergies (and Lack Thereof) Between Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy - Craig D. Parks
I. Group Psychology Research: Implications for Group Psychotherapy
Inclusion, Exclusion, and Group Psychotherapy: The Importance of a Trauma-Informed Approach - Eric D. Wesselmann and Leandra Parris
Composition and Compilation: A Selective Review and Applications to Therapy Groups - Michael R. Baumann and James C. Deller
Principles of Cooperation: Implications for Group Psychotherapy - Craig D. Parks
Social Influence Theory and Research: Implications for Group Psychotherapy - Donelson R. Forsyth
The New Psychology of Leadership: Informing Clinical Practice - Michael J. Platow, S. Alexander Haslam, Stephen D. Reicher, Diana M. Grace, and Tegan Cruwys
Group Influences in Sport and Exercise Settings: Applications to Therapy Groups - Kevin S. Spink
II. Group Psychotherapy Research: Implications for Group Psychology

Attachment and Group Psychotherapy: Applications to Work Groups and Teams - Giorgio A. Tasca and Hilary Maxwell
Group Cohesion: Empirical Evidence from Group Psychotherapy for Those Studying Other Areas of Group Work - Cheri L. Marmarosh and Amy Sproul
Mutual Influence in Group Psychotherapy: A Review and Application to Group Psychology - D. Martin Kivlighan and Rayna C. Narvaez
Forgiveness and Group Therapy: Current Research and Implications for Group Psychology Research and Practice - Nathaniel G. Wade and Meredith V. Tittler
Group Therapy Development: Implications for Non-Therapy Groups - John S. Ogrodniczuk, Joanna Cheek, and David Kealy
Change Processes of Interpersonal Functioning in Group Therapy: Implications for Team Functioning - Martyn Whittingham

Afterword: Conclusions and Ways Forward for Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy Research - Craig D. Parks and Giorgio A. Tasca

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