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Access to History for the IB Diploma: The Great Depression and the Americas 1929-39

Access to History for the IB Diploma: The Great Depression and the Americas 1929-39

Publisher Hodder Education
Year 01/06/2012
Edition First
Pages 256
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9781444156539
Categories History of the Americas, 20th century history: c 1900 to c 2000
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Book description

Ensure your students have access to the authoritative, in-depth and accessible content of this series for the IB History Diploma. This series for the IB History Diploma has taken the clarity, accessibility, reliability and in-depth analysis of our best-selling Access to History series and tailor-made it to better fit the IB learner's needs. Each title in the series provides depth of content, focussed on specific topics in the IB History guide, and examination guidance on different exam-style questions - helping students develop a good knowledge and understanding of the topic alongside the skills they need to do well. - Ensures students gain a good understanding of the IB History topic through an engaging, in-depth, reliable and up-to-date narrative - presented in an accessible way. - Helps students to understand historical issues and examine the evidence, through providing a wealth of relevant sources and analysis of the historiography surrounding key debates. - Gives students guidance on answering exam-style questions with model answers and practice questions

Access to History for the IB Diploma: The Great Depression and the Americas 1929-39

Table of contents

: Introduction

: 1 What you will study
: 2 How you will be assessed
: 3 About this book

: Chapter 1 The USA in the 1920s: prosperity?

: 1 The extent of prosperity
: 2 Reasons for prosperity

: Chapter 2 The Wall Street Crash and the causes of the Great Depression in the USA

: 1 The Wall Street Crash
: 2 Problems in the economy
: 3 Effects of the Wall Street Crash
: 4 Key debate: How strong was the American economy in the 1920s and how real was the prosperity?

: Chapter 3 President Hoover and the Great Depression

: 1 The impact of the Great Depression on the presidency of Herbert Hoover
: 2 The USA during the Great Depression
: 3 Key debate: Why was the Depression so extensive and long lasting?
: 4 Federal government policies
: 5 The 1932 presidential election

: Chapter 4 The US 1933-45: New Deals and economic recovery

: 1 The first 100 days and the First New Deal
: 2 Alternatives to the New Deal
: 3 Key debate: Was the First New Deal a planned programme or simply a series of unrelated measures to deal with specific problems?
: 4 The Second New Deal 1935-6
: 5 Problems in Roosevelt's second term
: 6 The Third New Deal 1937-9
: 7 Political developments 1938 and 1939
: 8 Key debate: How much impact did the New Deal have on American politics and the economy?
: 9 The impact of the Great Depression on society: African-Americans and women
: 10 The New Deal: an evaluation
: 11 Literature and the arts during the Great Depression
: 12 The impact of the Second World War on the USA

: Chapter 5 The Great Depression in Canada

: 1 Canada in the 1920s
: 2 The causes and effects of the Depression in Canada
: 3 Federal government responses to the Depression 1929-34
: 4 Bennett's proposed 'New Deal' and the 1935 election
: 5 Alternative responses to the Depression
: 6 Mackenzie King's government 1935-48
: 7 The impact of the war on Canada
: 8 Key debate: How far did the Great Depression lead to the growth of the role of federal government?

: Chapter 6 The Great Depression in Latin America

: 1 Latin America in the 1920s
: 2 Argentina in the 1920s
: 3 Argentina in the 1930s
: 4 Literature and the arts in Argentina
: 5 Brazil in the 1920s
: 6 Brazil in the 1930s
: 7 Key debate: What were the characteristics of the Estado Novo?

: Glossary
: Timeline
: Further reading
: Internal assessment

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