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Linear Functional Analysis: An Application-Oriented Introduction

Linear Functional Analysis: An Application-Oriented Introduction

Publisher Springer, Berlin
Pages 435
Version paperback
Language English
ISBN 9781447172796
Categories Functional analysis & transforms
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Book description

This book gives an introduction to Linear Functional Analysis, which is a synthesis of algebra, topology, and analysis. In addition to the basic theory it explains operator theory, distributions, Sobolev spaces, and many other things. The text is self-contained and includes all proofs, as well as many exercises, most of them with solutions. Moreover, there are a number of appendices, for example on Lebesgue integration theory.
A complete introduction to the subject, Linear Functional Analysis will be particularly useful to readers who want to quickly get to the key statements and who are interested in applications to differential equations.

Linear Functional Analysis: An Application-Oriented Introduction

Table of contents

Introduction.- Preliminaries.- Function spaces.- Subsets of function spaces.- Linear operators.- Linear functionals.- Uniform boundedness principle.- Weak convergence.- Finite-dimensional approximation.- Compact operators.- Spectrum of compact operators.- Self-adjoint operators.- References.- Symbols.- Index.

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