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Pearson Baccalaureate: Environmental Systems and Societies bundle 2nd edition: Industrial Ecology

Pearson Baccalaureate: Environmental Systems and Societies bundle 2nd edition: Industrial Ecology

Publisher Pearson Education Limited
Year 27/08/2015
Edition Second
Pages 504
Version other
Readership level Adult education
ISBN 9781447990420
Categories The environment
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Book description

Pearson Baccalaureate Environmental Systems and Societies, 2nd edition is acomprehensive textbook that covers all eight topics from the course, along with advice on Internal Assessment, the Extended Essay, and links to Theory of Knowledge. It will help you to prepare thoroughly and methodically for your examinations. * Written by experienced IB teachers and examiners. * Detailed diagrams and photographs help to explain key concepts. * Practice questions from past examination papers help you with exam preparation. * Clear links to Theory of Knowledge throughout. * ATL skills are addressed in Challenge Yourself boxes and the online worksheets. * Significant ideas, big questions, and key concepts are signposted throughout. * Provides guidance on Internal Assessment and the Extended Essay. * Written to give you an international and transdisciplinary perspective. * Enhanced eText gives 4 years access to a wealth of additional online materials such as animations, videos, revision worksheets and quizzes to support and extend your studies. There are many more titles in the Pearson Baccalaureate series. Visit www.pearsonglobalschools.com/ib for a complete list. Andrew Davis teaches at St Edward's School, Oxford, where he introduced the IB ESS course and is the Head of Environmental Science. Andrew worked in South East Asia for 10 years as part of the Royal Society's Rainforest Research Programme, examining the effects of rainforest disturbance on insect communities. He has published many articles on his insect work and maintains an active interest in tropical ecology and conservation. Garrett Nagle has taught at St Edward's School Oxford since 1986. He has been an IB examiner and moderator since 2004 and has been involved in over 50 textbooks and numerous articles. He is currently an examiner, team leader and workshop leader on IB related topics, as well as Deputy Chief Examiner. He was Head of Geography at St. Edward's School from 1988-2001 and is Chairman of the Oxford Geographical Association.

Pearson Baccalaureate: Environmental Systems and Societies bundle 2nd edition: Industrial Ecology

Table of contents

Foundations in ESS
Ecosystems and ecology
Biodiversity and conservation Water, aquatic food production systems and society
Soil and terrestrial food production
Atmosphere Climate change and energy
Human systems and resources
Overall assessment
Big Questions
Exam strategies
Appendix: Statistics and data analysis

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