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Pearson Baccalaureate: Economics new bundle (not pack)

Pearson Baccalaureate: Economics new bundle (not pack)

Publisher Pearson Education Limited
Year 27/08/2015
Pages 720
Version other
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9781447990673
Categories Economics
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Book description

Student textbook and eText written specifically for the 2011 Economics curriculumKey features: Clearly differentiated content for both Standard and Higher Level students. Includes highly visual graphs and topical examples to aid students' understanding of real-world economics. Contains answers to quantitative exercises found throughout the book. Integrated with free online learning resources at www.pearsonbacconline.com to support and extend study. Written in clear, accessible English for students whose first language is not English.

Pearson Baccalaureate: Economics new bundle (not pack)

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