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Interpersonal Perception

Interpersonal Perception

Publisher Guilford Press
Year 01/01/2020
Edition Second
Pages 400
Version hardback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9781462541515
Categories Psychology, Social, group or collective psychology
Replaces 9780898621143
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Book description

People make judgments about others all the time, often without realizing they are doing so. How are interpersonal impressions formed? How accurate are our perceptions of other people's traits--and our own? In this major revision of his landmark work, David A. Kenny provides a reader-friendly examination of these and other critical questions, identifying key components that shape impressions and their accuracy. Topics include how to estimate perceiver, target, and relationship effects; the extent to which different perceivers see a target in the same way; the impact of group membership and stereotypes; and whether others see us as we see ourselves. Implications for interpersonal relationships and social behavior are highlighted. New to This Edition *Virtually a new book; incorporates 25 years of theoretical, empirical, and methodological advances. *New and greatly expanded topics, including first impressions, individual differences in accuracy, implicit measures, and narcissism. *Grounded in a reformulated conceptual model. *More accessible--uses nontechnical language, humor, popular culture, and simplified figures to elucidate complex ideas. *End-of-chapter "Practical Suggestions" apply the science to real-world social situations. "Readers of this book are in for a rare treat. The book usefully updates and expands Kenny's landmark exposition published in 1994 (a mere 25 years ago), but it is much more than a mere 'second edition.' The topics are expanded to include, for just one important example, a thorough and even profound exposition of self-perception, as well as fascinating philosophical musings and useful applications at the end of every chapter....Thanks to David Kenny for doing the work, providing the insight, and organizing the field of interpersonal judgment at this crucial point in its history, when the field can be considered mature but is also confronting a number of possible directions as to where to go next."--from the Foreword by David C. Funder, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of California, Riverside "This volume provides a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of person perception through the lens of Kenny's Social Relations Model--arguably the field's most innovative and creative tool for gaining insights into how people view themselves and others. The years since the first edition have given the author far more material to work with, and he has been generous in sharing his wisdom. Readers will delight that Kenny has made the content much more accessible. This volume is an indispensa

Interpersonal Perception

Table of contents

1. The Atomic Structure of Interpersonal Perception
2. They All Look Alike
3. Perception at First Sight
4. The Content of Our Apparent Character
5. You Are Very Unique
6. Peeling Away the Onion
7. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
8. Putting Yourself in Someone Else's Tevas
9. Good, Bad, and Ugly Judge, Target, and Pair
10. Finis
Appendix A. Details of the Social Relations Model
Appendix B. Details on the Reported Results
Appendix C. Details of the PERSON Model

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