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Mindful Movement in Psychotherapy

Mindful Movement in Psychotherapy

Publisher Guilford Publications
Year 09/01/2020
Pages 278
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9781462541829
Categories Psychology, Health psychology, Clinical psychology, Psychotherapy
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Book description

Many mental health clinicians--even those well acquainted with mindfulness--still view physical, body-oriented techniques as outside their scope of practice. In this accessible book, clinical psychologist, exercise physiologist, and yoga and mindfulness teacher Paul Salmon gives therapists of any orientation the tools to use mindful movement with clients. Salmon shows how simple practices like breathing, walking, and yoga-like stretches can help clients center their attention in the present moment with curiosity and self-acceptance. He summarizes research on the benefits of movement for specific mental and physical health conditions and provides vivid case examples and scripts. Purchasers get access to a companion website where they can download audio recordings of 29 guided practices.

Mindful Movement in Psychotherapy

Table of contents

Introduction: Movement in the Talking Cure
1. Movement, Attention, and Health
2. Foundations of Mindful Movement
3. Mindful Movement in Existing Therapies
4. Inviting Clients to Move
5. Fostering Mindful Movement
6. Key Aspects of Physical Well-Being
7. Stress
8. Anxiety and Depression
9. Chronic Medical Conditions
10. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Eating Disorders, and Addiction
List of Audio Files

Audio Downloads
1. Mindful Walking (3:42)
2. Working the Edges (7:19)
3. Sitting, Standing, and Walking (3:53)
4. Directing Attention Inwardly (4:00)
5. Body Awareness Practice (3:59)
6. Awareness of the Breath (5:16)
7. Awareness of Movement (4:58)
8. Body Scan (12:38)
9. Balancing (5:26)
10. Being Grounded in the Body (4:00)
11. Moving against Resistance (4:10)
12. Mindful Walking (9:48)
13. Speeding Up and Slowing Down (4:23)
14. Exploring Place (4:44)
15. Being in the Natural World (2:52)
16. Strength-Training Practice (6:16)
17. Flexible Stretching Practice (6:34)
18. Neuromotor Activity: Balance (5:36)
19. Walking and Climbing (3:58)
20. Responding to Somatic Signs of Stress (6:56)
21. Floating (4:29)
22. Mindful Cycling (6:07)
23. A Mindful Walk in the Woods (5:23)
24. Treadmill Walking (7:39)
25. Using the Breath to Anchor Awareness (2:54)
26. Listen to the Heart (3:27)
27. Lengthening the Arms Overhead (8:18)
28. Seated Leg Raise (5:35)
29. Responding to Urges with Mindful Movement (6:53)

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