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Be Extraordinary: 7 Key Skills to Transform Your Life From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Be Extraordinary: 7 Key Skills to Transform Your Life From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Year 30/01/2020
Pages 288
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781472120274
Categories Popular psychology
$32.09 (with VAT)
118.00 PLN / €26.31 / £22.61
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Book description

Some people can get over anything. Doctors diagnose them with a rare form of cancer and they recover. They are viciously attacked and blinded yet pull through to start a successful business improving other people's lives. They survive injury in the military, and campaign across the country to raise awareness about the emotional difficulties linked to combat service. These people bounce back from horrendous trauma that would emotionally and physically cripple most people. They flourish with renewed resolve to face any problem with grace and ease. Knowing how people in challenging circumstances such as these transition from ordinary to extraordinary gives us the knowledge to transform our own lives without first suffering trauma. Be Extraordinary reveals a life-changing formula that will lead us on the path to being extraordinary even when we encounter setbacks along the way. Jennifer Wild has discovered that overcoming adversity and becoming extraordinary tap the same factor. People who flourish with or without trauma as their catalyst naturally draw on seven key processes - the unwavering belief in recovering against all odds, the conviction to reach one's goals, the courage to focus on the future rather than the past, and the invaluable, necessary conscious and continuous process of updating out-dated memories and self-concepts. These factors drive people to overcome adversity. They drive people to become extraordinary. Some people have them. Some people don't. This book is about what those factors are, how to get them and why they work. Linking science to achievable transformation, Dr Wild reveals the seven processes and gives inspiring real-life examples of how ordinary people have used them to come through astonishing adversity. Offering an accessible, practical no-nonsense plan of how to overcome everyday setbacks, this is the essential guide if you want to Be Extraordinary.

Be Extraordinary: 7 Key Skills to Transform Your Life From Ordinary to Extraordinary

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