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Ragnarok: The Abyss

Ragnarok: The Abyss

Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Year 30/04/2020
Pages 112
Version hardback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781472832900
Categories Fantasy, Folklore, myths & legends, Role-playing, war games & fantasy sports, Others
Epublication based on (print product) 9781472832894
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Book description

Ginnungagap, the Gaping Abyss, was once what separated the realms of Ice and Fire, keeping them in balance and sparing the other realms from their ravages. With the Nine Realms shattered, however, Ginnungagap has been left unguarded and unspeakable horrors now await those who wish to cross it. Ragnarok: The Abyss includes new scenarios for Ragnarok as well as new monsters to vanquish in glorious battle. New mechanics introduce something once barely recognised by war clans - Fear - and present entirely new challenges for them to overcome in the telling of their sagas.

Ragnarok: The Abyss

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