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Reeds Maritime Meteorology

Reeds Maritime Meteorology

Publisher Bloomsbury Professional Ltd
Year 01/06/2019
Edition Fourth
Pages 256
Version paperback
Language English
ISBN 9781472964151
Categories Shipping industries
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Book description

Written primarily for serving and trainee deck officers, those studying for certificates of competency in merchant shipping and fishermen, Reeds Maritime Meteorology analyses the elements and forces which contribute to maritime meteorology and the principles which govern them. Updated to include the latest developments in the use of satellite technology in forecasting, Navtext and the ramifications of GMDSS, the book examines:

* cloud formation and development
* precipitation and thunderstorms
* atmospheric pressure and wind
* ocean currents and swell
* tropical revolving storms
* the development and distribution of sea ice
* weather routeing
* passage planning
* the management and care of cargo in heavy weather

This revised edition covers significant developments in the variety of forecasts available for the seafarer, coverage of global warming and weather routing options, as well as updates throughout in line with technological advancements and research discoveries, and updates to the exam questions at the end of each chapter.

Reeds Maritime Meteorology

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