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Counter Mentor Leadership

Counter Mentor Leadership

Publisher Nicholas Brealey Publising
Year 2020
Edition First
Pages 368
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9781473696075
Categories Management: leadership & motivation
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Book description

This book is the result of over twenty-five years of combined experience from Kelly and Robby Riggs-dynamic, occasionally irreverent, always insightful, father (Boomer) and son (Millennial), who work with organizations grappling daily with multi-generational conflict. Through their collaboration, Kelly and Robby share their very different perspectives on the same problems most companies are STILL dealing with, but haven't had the courage or the tools, to address. Issues such as: a shocking lack of leadership skills; the culture-killing generational divide that is demolishing many companies; and the stunning, often unrecognized impact of technology on the workplace.

In their "shamelessly funny, brilliantly written" debut book, Kelly and Robby will:

* Discuss today's workplace dynamics, including the changes in communication modes, the influx of technology, and the impact of Millennials and Digital Natives
* Explain how a one-sided approach to leadership focused on "managing" Millennials is grossly insufficient, resulting in an inability to attract and retain critical young talent
* Explore the new challenges of leadership inherent with the explosion of technology-time compression, distractions, complexity and the pace of change
* Reveal how old leadership challenges persist, and explore how the younger generation will expose those challenges more than ever
* Detail the CounterMentor leadership model and prescribe specific tactics and techniques for addressing both old and new leadership issues As a leader, one of your greatest challenges is connecting multiple generations within your workforce and getting them to work together effectively. In this immensely helpful book, Kelly and Robby Riggs lay out a set of arguments and a blueprint for success that will sharpen your perspective and give you actionable advice.

This is a fantastic book, one of the very few I would call a MUST READ. Superb advice, actionable ideas, and fun. I will be strongly recommending this book to all of my clients and colleagues.

Counter Mentor Leadership is motivational, thought-provoking, entertaining, and certainly challenging for all leaders! Although extensively researched, the book is an easy read on 'new leadership' - using basic proven methods while adjusting to a new work force that is incredibly driven, motivated, and tech-savvy.

Leveraging the skills and talents of the multi-generational workforce is a leadership imperative in the 21st century, and Kelly and Robby Riggs provide you with the tools, resources, and wisdom to tackle this job head on. Reading this book is just like having a conversation with Kelly and Robby - engaging, fast-paced, lots of laughs, and peppered with practical leadership insights. Put their ideas into practice and watch your leadership rise to the next level.

Finally, a book on multiple generations in the workplace written by multiple generations. Counter Mentor Leadership will get you thinking, but more importantly it will get you listening to those older and younger than you.

Shamelessly funny and brilliantly written; just don't let the laughs get in the way of the many important leadership lessons?for every generation!

Kelly and Robby do a masterful job of transcending 'the way we've always done it,' while distilling the enduring principles of great relationships and effective leadership.

GREAT book! Counter Mentor Leadership is a reality check for anyone in leadership (young or old). It gives actionable leadership strategies using humor and wit to keep you highly engaged the whole way through. The modern culture in the workplace is evolving rapidly, and this book gives you everything you need to keep up!

Counter Mentor Leadership

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