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Friedrich Froebel: A Critical Introduction to Key Themes and Debates

Friedrich Froebel: A Critical Introduction to Key Themes and Debates

Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Year 28/01/2021
Pages 184
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9781474250429
Categories Philosophy & theory of education, Moral & social purpose of education, Pre-school & kindergarten
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Book description

This book considers the origins of Froebelian early childhood education providing context to the development of his theories and ideas, critically examines the key themes of this philosophy of education and explores the relevance of Froebelian practice today. Tina Bruce reflects on central aspects of Froebelian philosophy of education: the importance of family, highly trained teachers, engagement with nature, mother songs, movement games, play and self-activity of the child, the whole child and the Froebelian concept of unity. In exploring each element Bruce considers the implications for Froebelian practice and research today, and addresses the views of critics and supporters, Each aspect is considered within an international context, drawing on research and practice from across the world. The final chapter gathers together the next steps for Froebelian early childhood education, providing navigational tools and suggestions for what needs to be addressed if Froebel is to remain useful to future practitioners, researchers and policy makers.

Friedrich Froebel: A Critical Introduction to Key Themes and Debates

Table of contents

1. Life and Historic Context of Froebel
2. The Whole Child and the Concept of Unity
3. The Importance of Nature
4. Play
5. Finger Plays, Mother Songs and Movement Games
6. Self-activity of the Child
7. The Importance of Observation
8. The Importance of Family and Community: Highly trained, Mature and Educated Teachers
Conclusion: Summary of Key Elements
Definitions of Key Froebelian Terms

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