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Jemima Small Versus the Universe

Jemima Small Versus the Universe

Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd
Year 28/06/2019
Pages 400
Version paperback
Readership level Children/juvenile
ISBN 9781474927284
Categories General fiction (Children's/YA), School stories (Children's/YA), Personal & social issues: self-awareness & self-esteem (Children's/YA)
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Book description

Jemima Small is funny and smart. She knows a lot of things. Like the fact that she's made of 206 bones, over 600 muscles and trillions of cells. What she doesn't know is how that can be true and yet she can still sometimes feel like nothing... Or how being made to join the school's "special" healthy lifestyle group - aka Fat Club - could feel any less special. But Jemima also knows that the biggest stars in the universe are the brightest. And maybe it's her time to shine...

Jemima Small Versus the Universe

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