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Last of the Glow Worms

Last of the Glow Worms

Publisher Not Available
Year 01/10/2017
Edition First
Pages 189
Version other
Language English
ISBN 9781476630083
Categories Military history, Weapons & equipment, Nuclear weapons
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Book description

From the early 1950s until 1992, the U.S. Army deployed thousands of nuclear warheads throughout Europe as a deterrent to Soviet ambitions. The end of the Cold War saw the decommissioning of much of the U.S. nuclear arsenal and the phasing out of support personnel. This memoir by one of the Army's last "e;glow worms"e; chronicles his career as a nuclear weapons specialist--from 17-year-old recruit to participant in Operation Silent Echo, codename for the removal of all tactical warheads throughout Asia and Europe.

Last of the Glow Worms

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