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Environmental Geology

Environmental Geology

Publisher Springer Nature Customer Service Center GmbH
Year 01/05/2019
Edition First
Pages 472
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9781493987863
Categories Earth sciences, Economic geology, Hydrology & the hydrosphere, Physical geography & topography, Global warming, Environmental science, engineering & technology
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Book description

This volume in the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology, Second Edition, brings together chapters examining water, energy, minerals and the environment in a holistic approach to land use planning and utilization. The work examines some of the problems, techniques, and solutions for managing resources so that a balance can be maintained between development and the environment. As world population increases, greater demand is placed on finite resources that earth can provide. Geographic areas once judged inadequate or inappropriate for construction, water and wastewater management, or transportation routes, among other activities, are being considered for, and being used, for development. Topics covered in this volume include impacts of natural disasters such as earthquakes and sinkholes, water and its use, overuse, and role in energy generation, and carbon sequestration. The topics covered here all play a role in development and the potential to sustain a growing world population. Interactions among system components mean that no single aspect can be addressed without including another. Environmental Geology places these different factors into perspective so that scientists, politicians, economists, planners, and stakeholders can work together to develop solutions that provide an acceptable balance between development and the environmental services on which we all depend.

Environmental Geology

Table of contents

Introduction to Environmental Geology.- Geologic Carbon Sequestration: Sustainability and Environmental Risk.- Dam Engineering and its Environmental Aspects.- Desertification and Impact on Human Systems.- Dredging Practices and Environmental Considerations.- Groundwater salinity due to urban growth.- Construction Planning, Environmental Impact of Foundation Studies and Earthquake Issues.- Geochemical Modeling in Environmental and Geological Studies.- Earthquake faulting, Ground motions and deformations.- Marine life associated with offshore drilling, pipelines, and platforms.- Mining and its Environmental Impacts.- Groundwater Impacts of Radioactive Wastes and Associated Environmental Modeling Assessment.- Land Subsidence in Urban environment.- Natural resource flows and sustainability in urban areas.- Volcanoes of Mexico.- Karst Terrane and Transportation Issues.

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