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Neil Young and Philosophy

Neil Young and Philosophy

Publisher Lexington Books
Year 15/11/2019
Pages 206
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9781498505116
Categories Rock & Pop music, Social & political philosophy, Popular culture
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368.92 PLN / €81.34 / £72.45
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Book description

Neil Young and Philosophy, edited by Douglas L. Berger, explores the meaning, importance, and philosophical dimensions of the music, career, and life of this prolific singer/songwriter over the past five decades. Scholars from a wide variety of fields come together in this collection to examine everything from Young's environmentalism, invocation of American Indian themes, images of women, and interpretations of human relationships to his confrontations with the music industry, his approach to social change, and his methods of creativity. The book builds on the fundamental commitment of the Philosophy and Popular Culture series to see the artist as a philosopher.

Neil Young and Philosophy

Table of contents

Primal and Spontaneous: Neil Young's Aesthetics of Authenticity
Michael Forest
Neil Young and Creativity
Douglas L. Berger
Lawsuits, Master Narratives, and Artistic Commodification
Matthew W. Mitchell
Extended Mind and the Music of Trans
Bruce Umbaugh
Neil Young: Lover of Sun, Moon-and Cars
Douglas R. Anderson
Neil Young and American Indians: Politics, Lyrics and Authenticity.
Lee Hester
Memory and Relationships in the Work and Music of Neil Young
Jared Sizer
Images of Women in the Music and Life of Neil Young
Erin McKenna
Neil Young's Search for the Simple Life
Andrew Watson and Simon Riches
Listening with Neil Young's Vulnerable Voice and the Ethics of Care.
Mike Jostedt

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