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YouTube and Music

YouTube and Music

Publisher Bloomsbury USA
Year 23/02/2023
Edition First
Version eBook: Fixed Page eTextbook (PDF)
Language English
ISBN 9781501387296
Categories Music reviews & criticism, Digital music: consumer/user guides, Digital video: consumer/user guides
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Book description

YouTube has afforded new ways of documenting, performing and circulating musical creativity. This first sustained exploration of YouTube and music shows how record companies, musicians and amateur users have embraced YouTube's potential to promote artists, stage performances, build artistic (cyber)identity, initiate interactive composition, refresh music pedagogy, perform fandom, influence musical tourism and soundtrack our everyday lives. Speaking from a variety of perspectives, musicologists, film scholars, philosophers, new media theorists, cultural geographers and psychologists use case studies to situate YouTube as a vital component of contemporary musical culture. This book works together with its companion text Remediating Sound: Repeatable Culture, YouTube and Music.

YouTube and Music

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