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From Mandate to Blueprint

From Mandate to Blueprint

Publisher Stanford University Press
Year 01/03/2021
Edition First
Pages 264
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9781503628670
Categories Regional government, Espionage & secret services, Warfare & defence
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Book description

In From Mandate to Blueprint, Thomas Fingar offers a guide for new federal government appointees faced with the complex task of rebuilding institutions and transitioning to a new administration. Synthesizing his own experience implementing the most comprehensive reforms to the national security establishment since 1947, Fingar provides crucial guidance to newly appointed officials. When Fingar was appointed the first Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis in 2005, he discovered the challenges of establishing a new federal agency and implementing sweeping reforms of intelligence procedure and performance. The mandate required prompt action but provided no guidance on how to achieve required and desirable changes. Fingar describes how he defined and prioritized the tasks involved in building and staffing a new organization, integrating and improving the work of sixteen agencies, and contending with pressure from powerful players. For appointees without the luxury of taking command of fully staffed and well-functioning federal agencies, From Mandate to Blueprint is an informed and practical guide for the challenges ahead. "The smooth running of government has been under siege for some time. A new team gives us the opportunity to halt and change direction. With From Mandate to Blueprint, Tom Fingar takes lessons he learned from intelligence reform and broadens them for today." -- General Michael V. Hayden (Ret.), former Director * CIA and NSA * "From Mandate to Blueprint should be required reading for all policy makers. The thought process and attention to detail that Tom Fingar provides are directly applicable to all aspects of policy making, not just intelligence reform. The tools are the same: people, mission, priorities, and end state. A must-read." -- Richard Armitage * former Deputy Secretary of State * "From Mandate to Blueprint provides timely insight into the challenges facing new federal appointees. Drawing on decades of experience in bureaucratic structures, Tom Fingar shares lessons learned in the aftermath of 9/11. This book should become a valuable reference work for the intelligence community." -- Charles S. Robb * co-chair of the WMD Commission * "There is no better time for this thoughtful, essential book to instruct government servants on what to know and do, through Tom Fingar's trenchant examples from fixing US intelligence. From Mandate to Blueprint is a must-read for old hands and newbies in public service." -- Thomas R. Pickering, former Under Secretary of State and Ambassador

From Mandate to Blueprint

Table of contents

Contents and AbstractsIntroduction: From Mandate to Blueprint chapter abstractNew appointees take up new positions with some combination of mandates and aspirations involving both change and continuity but seldom arrive with detailed blueprints specifying what to do and how to do it. This chapter previews dimensions of what is necessary to implement mandates and achieve specific goals.

Intelligence Reform: Unique Opportunity or Fool's Errand? chapter abstractDismay caused by real or imputed "intelligence failures" had sparked dozens of calls for reform, but most had little effect on the organization or performance of intelligence agencies. That changed in 2004 when fears sparked by the events of 9/11, growing dissatisfaction with the Iraq War, and the political skill of 9/11 Commission members made more serious efforts to reform intelligence all but inevitable. This chapter looks at the way events unfolded and how they were viewed by the author from the perspective of his position as head of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research.

Sliding Toward an Offer I Couldn't Refuse chapter abstractThis chapter describes the evolution of the author's thinking about intelligence reform and the new Office of the Director of National Intelligence as he was both invited and forced to think more systematically about what would be required to build a new organization with an expansive mission, and what the new organization and reform mandate might mean for his Bureau of the State Department. It also describes the evolution of his thinking about whether he should seek or accept an opportunity to lead the first major reform of the national security enterprise in sixty years.

Blank White Board and Ticking Clock chapter abstractThis chapter examines the challenges of building an entirely new organization within another entirely new organizational structure with no history, no organization chart, no staff, and an enormous portfolio of new and continuing responsibilities. Other challenges included an ambiguous mandate, hostility to the establishment of the new organization and mandated reforms, serious morale problems resulting from public criticism of intelligence professionals, and chicken-and-egg problems such as recruiting people for positions that had not yet been defined to assume responsibilities that were still to be clarified. Shaping considerations included the need to make fundamental changes without degrading performance in support of ongoing missions and intense pressure to demonstrate results quickly.

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