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English Literature for the IB Diploma

English Literature for the IB Diploma

Publisher Hodder Education
Year 01/10/2019
Edition First
Pages 448
Version paperback
Readership level Primary and secondary/elementary and high school
Language English
ISBN 9781510467132
Categories Literature & literary studies, Literary studies: general, Secondary schools, Teaching of a specific subject
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Book description

Everything you need to deliver a rich, concept-based approach for the new IB Diploma English Literature course. - Navigate seamlessly through all aspects of the syllabus with in-depth coverage of the new course structure and content - Investigate the three areas of exploration, concept connections and global issues in detail to help students become flexible, critical readers - Learn how to appreciate a variety of texts with a breadth of reading material and forms from a diverse pool of authors - Engaging activities are provided to test understanding of each topic and develop skills - guiding answers are available to check your responses - Identify opportunities to make connections across the syllabus, with explicit reference to TOK, EE and CAS Clearly this is a richly stocked and very well written resource for the IB Literature course. Strong HL students, as well as all teachers of the course, are likely to be well advantaged by reading and using it, as they will find much to interest them and expand their experience of the course. And the book provides great potential for all students, HL and SL to evolve in their knowledge and understanding of what 'literature' is, how it works, and how it has and does function in human life and history. The way in which the book aligns itself with the chosen aspects of the Subject Guide is impressive. The chapters work to deconstruct the lines of inquiry in the Areas of Exploration. ... as a teacher I would be very happy to have a copy of the book in my library of resources, both for ideas and simply to re-read from time to time to spur my own thinking. The panoply of examples is delightful, and there is some very useful critical work. I would also seriously consider recommending or giving the book to any student, IB or not, who is headed to university with plans to study language and literature. The biographies are very helpful and interesting and the QR codes are a lively and apt clarification/enrichment technique. One thing that is very well handled is the reiteration and the interweaving of certain ideas and aspects. I was impressed by how free of copy errors the whole text is. Dr Hannah C. Tyson, Educator, writer, consultant 11 July 2019 -- Dr Hannah C. Tyson

English Literature for the IB Diploma

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