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SAS Data Management for Public Health: An Introduction

SAS Data Management for Public Health: An Introduction

Publisher Cognella, Inc
Year 30/08/2019
Pages 286
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9781516596478
Categories Epidemiology & medical statistics, Others
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Book description

SAS Data Management for Public Health: An Introduction equips readers with the tools and knowledge they need to prepare public health data in SAS Data Management software for use in analysis. Highly accessible in nature, the book is specifically designed to help students who are new to SAS learn and master the system. The book is organized into 20 lessons. The opening lessons introduce SAS and provide tips and best practices for exploring data. Students are introduced to PROC MEANS, FREQ, UNIVARIATE, and PROC SGPLOT. They learn how to import data; merge, concatenate, and manage variables; perform data cleanup; and recode categorical and continuous variables. Specific lessons address comments, labels, and titles, formatting variables, conditional recoding, DO groups, arrays for recoding, and categorical data analysis. Closing lessons introduce stratified and subpopulation analysis, as well as logistic regression. The book includes an appendix to help students navigate and use SAS Studio. SAS Data Management for Public Health is an ideal resource for standalone courses in which SAS is taught or to complement any biostatistics or epidemiology course where students need to use SAS to analyze their data.

SAS Data Management for Public Health: An Introduction

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