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Wydawcy udostępniają darmowe zasoby na czas epidemii



Publisher Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Year 01/05/2019
Edition First
Pages 48
Version hardback
Readership level Children/juvenile
Language English
ISBN 9781526305329
Categories People & places (Children's/YA), Religion & beliefs: general interest (Children's/YA), Others
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108.43 PLN / €23.73 / £21.02
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Book description

Think outside of the box with 20 of the world's brilliant thinkers. Discover the lives of ten female and ten male philosophers from throughout history and from around the world. Philosophers is a perfect introduction to philosophy and some of the most dramatic and world-changing lives that challenged the thinking around reason, race, gender, politics, difference and diversity. Which philosopher felt that thinking proved he existed? Which philosopher wants us to abolish all governments? Who set the groundwork for the feminist movement? Who should we blame for anxiety? Meet Gargi Vachaknavi in India, the Greeks, such as Socrates and Aristotle, then Descartes, Kant, Wollstonecraft, Nietzsche, Arendt, de Beauvoir, Fanon and Piper - just to name a few! Beautiful and characterful portraits help bring to life these important thinkers and their contributions to our world. Clear, concise text presents key philosophical concepts alongside the stand-out biographical information from fascinating thinkers.


Table of contents

1: Philosophy
1: Gargi Vachaknavi
1: Confucius
1: Socrates
1: Plato
1: Aristotle
1: Hypatia
1: Rene Descartes
1: Immanuel Kant
1: Mary Wollstonecraft
1: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
1: Soren Kierkegaard
1: Friedrich Nietzsche
1: Emma Goldman
1: Ayn Rand
1: Hannah Arendt
1: Simone de Beauvoir
1: Frantz Fanon
1: Luce Irigaray
1: Adrian Piper
1: Djamila Ribeiro
1: Glossary
1: Index

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