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Code: STEM: Robots

Code: STEM: Robots

Publisher Hachette Children's Group
Year 12/03/2020
Pages 32
Version paperback
Readership level Primary and secondary/elementary and high school
ISBN 9781526308368
Categories Educational: IT & computing, ICT
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Book description

Discover how today's amazing inventions and technologies work while developing your Scratch coding skills! Recreate the technology that lives in robots with code. Learn about sensors, create a robot arm game, program a robot and much more! Each book in the Code: STEM series goes inside a different machine or technology and explains the key computer code and systems that are controlling them. Step-by-step activities teach you how to create your own versions of these machines on screen, and bring them to life - with code! The focus is placed on modern technologies that actually use code to work, rather than looking back at steam engines, etc. This will keep the practice of coding firmly in the contemporary. The series uses Scratch as the coding language, as this is still the most used, user-friendly and flexible in building projects, however no prior experience of Scratch is expected. Perfect for exploring STEAM and other high-interest topics. Great for readers aged 9 and up.

Code: STEM: Robots

Table of contents

1: Introduction
1: Project:Following Instructions
1: Project: Sensors
1: Project: Sensing the Way
1: Project: Taking Orders
1: Project: The Robot Arm
1: Project: Robot Arm Game
1: Project: Walking and Talking
1: Bugs and Debugging
1: Glossary
1: Index

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