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Doing Visual Research

Doing Visual Research

Publisher SAGE Publications Ltd
Year 14/11/2024
Version hardback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9781526402813
Categories Research methods: general
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Book description

With internationally-renowned visual methods expert Claudia Mitchell at the helm, this book steers students through a complete and thorough introduction to using photography, video, drawings, objects, and multi-media productions in research.

Covering the full research process from design to dissemination, it weaves theory into each chapter and builds knowledge around methods, creating a solid foundation for the practical advice students need to complete their own research. Through examples that enable readers to understand their place in the research process, it prepares them to understand a broad definition of what it means to be a visual researcher.

This new edition includes best practice guidance and tips on:

- Using existing images and video

- Working with archived material

- Maintaining ethical practice

- Handling visual data after it is collected

- Presenting findings to different audiences.

Doing Visual Research

Table of contents

Chapter One: Introduction: Visual Research

Chapter Two: Ethics in Visual Research

Chapter Three: Objects and Things in Visual Research

Chapter Four: Working with Personal Photographs

Chapter Five: Photovoice

Chapter Six: Participatory Video and Cellphilm Production

Chapter Seven: Working With Images

Chapter Eight: Storing, Sharing and Circulating Images

Chapter Nine: Working with Images of Producing and Exhibiting

Chapter Ten: Communicating and Disseminating Visual Research: Community Dialogue and Policymaking

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