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Using Personal Judgement in Nursing and Healthcare

Using Personal Judgement in Nursing and Healthcare

Publisher SAGE Publications Ltd
Year 23/04/2020
Pages 288
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9781526459008
Categories Medicine: general issues, Nursing, Nursing management & leadership
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Book description

What is personal judgement? How can it help me interpret and follow official guidelines? How can I use it successfully in my daily practice? Rules and codes for healthcare professionals continue to proliferate yet are unable to offer practical advice in specific circumstances. To help balance official rules with the variable, unique human element, David Seedhouse and Vanessa Peutherer explain what personal judgement is and how it can be applied routinely and effectively in everyday decision-making in healthcare. Through the use of over 40 interactive scenarios drawn from real-life practice, the authors encourage readers to use a range of techniques to boost their personal judgement, introducing different models and approaches to decision-making and exploring their strengths as well as their limitations. The authors then talk through their own suggestions for solving commonplace but challenging healthcare problems. Timely, original and accessible, this book provides nurses and healthcare professionals with the tools needed to navigate the reality of everyday practice, while working with the many protocols they must consider and apply in both education and practice. Read author David Seedhouse's overview of the importance of personal judgement in the modern healthcare environment and how he believes his new book can empower students and healthcare staff to safely and effectively use personal judgement in practice.

Using Personal Judgement in Nursing and Healthcare

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introducing Personal Judgement
Chapter 2: Classic Approaches to Nursing and Healthcare Decision-Making
Chapter 3: Myths and Facts About Healthcare Decision-Making
Chapter 4: PSP: Personally Involved Decision-Making
Chapter 5: Practice Scenario: An Exemplar
Chapter 6: Practice Scenarios: Staff and Professional Issues
Chapter 7: Practice Scenarios: Patient and Family Issues
Chapter 8: Using Imagination to Improve Personal Judgement

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