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Great Lakes: Lessons in Participatory Governance

Great Lakes: Lessons in Participatory Governance

Publisher Taylor & Francis Inc
Year 03/10/2012
Pages 454
Version hardback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781578087693
Categories Drought & water supply
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Book description

This edited volume while focusing on participatory governance in the Great Lakes basin of North America also gives a comparative perspective of the African Great Lakes. The book describes the actions taken at degraded locations along the Great Lakes in North America through Remedial Action Plans (RAP) and other mechanisms, with an aim to highlight the successes and failures encountered in ecosystembased regenerative approaches. The book documents these experiences including the lead taken by industry in improving environmental quality of the Great Lakes. The book concludes with lessons learnt about revitalizing the ecosystem integrity of the lakes, which can be replicated in other watersheds of the world.

Great Lakes: Lessons in Participatory Governance


Introduction Introduction, Velma I. Grover Great Lakes Great Responsibilities, History of and Lessons in Participatory Governance, Tom Crane Governance in the Great Lakes, A Regime in Transition, Paul Muldoon Innovations in Decision Making, Chris McLaughlan Transnational Municipal Networks of American and Canadian Local Governments in the Context of Bilateral Environmental Relations, The Emergence of a European Phenomenon in the Great Lakes Basin, Irek Kusimierczyk The Economic Benefits of Remedial Action Plans in Ontario, A. Kubursi Integrated Water Resources Planning and Implementation General Overview of IWRM, Abigail Cruickshank and Velma I Grover A Strategy for Sustainability-Making it Work in the Credit River Watershed, Christine Zimmer, Phil James, Kyle Vanderlinden, Robb Lukes and Tracy Patterson Conservation Ontario's Coordinating Mandate to Promote an Integrated Watershed Management Approach to Protection of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Ecosystem, Bonnie Fox and Sonya Meek North American Remedial Action Plans, Remedial Action Plan Case Studies North American Remedial Action Plans-A Primer, Gail Krantzberg Collingwood Harbour, Gail Krantzberg Hamilton Harbour, John Hall and Kristin M. O'Connor As the Water Flows, Community Based Decision-Making and Participatory Planning for the Maumee Area of Concern, Ohio, Patrick Lawrence A Case Study of Presque Isle Bay, Lori Boughton Restoring Beneficial Uses in Great Lakes Areas of Concern Under the Threats of a Changing Climate, S. Abdel-Fattah African Great Lakes A Holistic Approach to Natural Resource Management, A Case of Lake Victoria Basin, Tom Okurut and Doreen M. Othero Top-down and Bottom-up Collaboration in the Management of the Laurentian Great Lakes and Lake Victoria Fisheries, A Comparison of Two Shared Water Bodies, Marc Gaden, Oliva Mkumbo, Ted Lawrence and Chris Goddard Industrial Leadership Industry and Governance in the Great Lakes Basins, George Kuper Hamilton Harbour's Regeneration-An Industrial Perspective, Ian Shaw Conclusions Conclusion, Gail Krantzberg and Velma I. Grover

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