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Crime and the Global Political Economy

Crime and the Global Political Economy

Publisher Lynne Rienner Publishers Inc
Year 15/06/2009
Pages 200
Version hardback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9781588266767
Categories Globalization, Corporate crime
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Book description

Crime has gone global. Conventional explanations point to ways in which criminals have exploited technological innovations, deregulation, and free markets to triumph over state sovereignty. ""Crime and the Global Political Economy"" reveals a more complex reality. Taking as a point of departure the reality that state and societal actors are challenged by - and complicit in - the expansion of criminal activities on a global scale, the authors demonstrate that the political, economic, and normative agendas of those actors lead to selective criminalization and diverse patterns of compliance with prohibition regimes. Crime, they convincingly argue, is an integral part of globalization, rather than simply its underside. Their work not only expands our understanding of global crime, but also pushes forward the boundaries of mainstream IPE on issues of globalization, transnational relations, governance, and sovereignty.

Crime and the Global Political Economy

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