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Seamus (the Famous)

Seamus (the Famous)

Publisher Action Lab Entertainment, Inc.
Year 19/01/2021
Pages 64
Version paperback
Readership level Children/juvenile
ISBN 9781632295521
Categories Adventure stories (Children's/YA)
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Book description

Adventure is only limited by a young boy's imagination as Seamus and his snarky cat, Fitcher, lead a crew of affable pirates in search of the legendary treasure of Gunnar Forkbeard. It's a race full of boobytraps, monstrous creatures and humor as Seamus and Fitcher pit themselves against Captain Barracuda and his nefarious crew of The Greythorn. From the high seas to the depths of Dragon's Head Isle, it will take all their wits and courage to save the day, and themselves, in this epic tale.

Seamus (the Famous)

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