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Confessions of a Preschool Teacher

Confessions of a Preschool Teacher

Publisher Page Publishing, Inc.
Year 29/01/2020
Version eBook: Reflowable eTextbook (ePub)
Language English
ISBN 9781645845621
Categories Humour
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Book description

A must-read if you have ever dropped your child off at preschool or will someday. If you didn't know, you had to watch what you say around children before. This book will confirm it. It is filled with true statements and comments made by children to their teacher. It is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud or at least bring a smile to your face. In a world of negative and depressing news and comments everywhere you turn, this book is a little ray of sunshine and a great reminder of the unfiltered honesty of children. It was created from many years of saved journals, documenting the hilarious words of children.

Confessions of a Preschool Teacher

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