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Teaching English: A Practical Guide for Language Teachers

Teaching English: A Practical Guide for Language Teachers

Publisher Canadian Scholars
Year 30/03/2020
Pages 370
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9781773381367
Categories Teaching of students with English as a second language (TESOL)
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Book description

Designed as an all-in-one guide, this practical, easy to use text is essential to all courses offering instruction to students who are training to become language teachers in Canada and abroad. Awarded the 2017 TESL Canada Innovation Award for Teacher Professional Development Resource, this wonderfully concise textbook covers key topics including course design, lesson planning, and classroom management. It also identifies how to teach speaking, listening, reading, and writing, with special attention to language acquisition and intercultural communication. This essential resource is ideal for courses in teaching English as a second or foreign language and for certificates in TESL, TEFL, TESFL, or TESOL.

Teaching English: A Practical Guide for Language Teachers

Table of contents

Part I - Teaching Language: An Overview
Chapter 1: All about Teachers
Chapter 2: Learning about Learners
Chapter 3: Learning from Others: Approaches and Methods
Chapter 4: Planning Courses
Chapter 5: Planning Lessons and Activities
Chapter 6: Class Management
Chapter 7: Assessment
Part II - Teaching Language Skills and Subskills
Chapter 8: Teaching Speaking
Chapter 9: Teaching Listening Comprehension
Chapter 10: Teaching Reading
Chapter 11: Teaching Writing
Chapter 12: Understanding and Teaching Vocabulary
Chapter 13: Understanding Grammar
Chapter 14: Teaching Grammar
Chapter 15: Understanding Speech Sounds
Chapter 16: Teaching Sound Perception and Pronunciation
Chapter 17: Linguistic Factors in Language Acquisition
Chapter 18: Intercultural Communication
Chapter 19: Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix 3E: Sample Content-Based Lesson
Appendix 3F: Sample Lexical Approach Activities
Appendix 7A: Commonly Used (International) Proficiency Tests
Appendix 8A: Common Discourse Markers
Appendix 8B: Sample Simulation and Role-Play Scenarios
Appendix 9A: Sample Listening Activities
Appendix 10A: Sample Reading Lesson
Appendix 11A: Sample Writing Lesson
Appendix 12A: Sample Vocabulary Lesson
Appendix 13A: Verb Tenses in English
Appendix 14A: Sample Grammar Lesson (Tense)
Appendix 14B: Sample Grammar Lesson (Conditionals)
Appendix 15A: IPA Vowel Chart for North American English
Appendix 16A: Sound Families for Common North American Vowel Sounds
Appendix 16B: Sound Families for Tricky Consonant Sounds
Glossary of Key Terms

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