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Distribution Systems Analysis and Automation

Distribution Systems Analysis and Automation

Publisher Institution of Engineering and Technology
Year 23/07/2020
Edition Second
Pages 442
Version hardback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9781785618710
Categories Power generation & distribution
Replaces 9781849196598
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Book description

Distribution systems analysis employs a set of techniques to simulate, analyse, and optimise power distribution systems. Combined with automation, these techniques underpin the concept of the smart grid. In recent years, distribution systems have been facing growing challenges, due to increasing demand as well as the rising shares of distributed and volatile renewable energy sources. For this new edition, the chapters of the first edition have been revised and updated, and the topics of distribution system analysis and distribution automation combined. Coverage includes smart grid, load flow analysis, determination of optimal topology, voltage control and capacitor application, power quality and harmonics in distribution systems, distribution system restoration, numerical relaying and distribution feeder protection, distributed generation and microgrid technology. New material related to renewable energy and microgrids are included, and maturity models and evaluation of smart grid projects are presented, along with material on the transition to the new distribution system technologies.

Distribution Systems Analysis and Automation

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Smart Grids overview
Chapter 2: Distribution automation functions
Chapter 3: Fundamentals of distribution system analysis
Chapter 4: Short circuit calculation
Chapter 5: Reliability of distribution systems
Chapter 6: Reconfiguration and restoration of distribution systems
Chapter 7: Voltage/VAR control
Chapter 8: Harmonic analysis
Chapter 9: Modern protection of distribution systems
Chapter 10: Distributed generation and energy storage systems
Chapter 11: Fundamentals on microgrid technology
Chapter 12: Communications in Smart Grids
Chapter 13: Interoperability concepts in power electric systems

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