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Porsche 911 SC: Experiences & illustrated practical advice from one man's home restoration

Porsche 911 SC: Experiences & illustrated practical advice from one man's home restoration

Publisher Veloce Publishing Ltd
Year 01/03/2021
Pages 288
Version hardback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781787114531
Categories Consumer advice, Motor cars: general interest
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Book description

Have you longed to restore a classic Porsche 911, but were either overwhelmed by the scale of the task, or simply unsure of what was involved? This unique publication brings that experience to life, covering every detail of the loving restoration of a very special 1983 Porsche 911 SC Targa Sport. The car was originally a special order model for Sir Cliff Richard. With the assistance of official Porsche illustrations and Porsche part numbers, the reader is led through the painstaking record of this journey by an enthusiast with an eye for detail and a determination to bring this car back to its former glory. High-quality images and drawings add a further unique perspective to each of the projects undertaken, showing that restoration of these sought-after cars is completely possible for a dedicated enthusiast. Andrew Clusker has a wide experience in various generations of air-cooled Porsche 911, and recently had a car showcased at Porsche 70th birthday celebrations.

Porsche 911 SC: Experiences & illustrated practical advice from one man's home restoration

Table of contents

What to look out for when buying a classic Porsche 911
About the star car - celebrity background
Format of the book

Chapter 1 - Preparation for Engine Removal
Explains how to prepare for engine removal and the various tasks to complete prior to removal. Draining of gearbox oil and engine oil.
1. Organising & Preparation
2. Draining Oil
3. Jacking
4. Disconnection
5. Parts & Tools

Chapter 2 - Engine Drop and Hoist
Explains how to drop the engine and how to handle the engine once out of the car.
2.1 Engine Drop / Raising Car
2.2 Block & Tackle
2.3 Parts & Tools

Chapter 3 - Top End Engine Teardown
My experience in dismantling the 911 engine. Observations and a description of the parts required. Also the tools required to complete this task.

3.1 Reasons for Rebuild
3.2 Alternator & CIS System
3.3 Exhaust & Heat Exchanger Removal
3.4 Shroud and Accessory Removal
3.5 Triangle of Death & Oil Lines
3.6 Timing Chain Covers and Clutch Removal
3.7 Camshafts, Timing Chains & Heads
3.8 Cylinders & Pistons
3.9 Head Disassembly & Cam Housings
4.0 Parts & Tools

Chapter 4 - Preparation for engine rebuild.
New parts, used parts, refurbishment tasks and machining tasks. Costs associated with this preparation. Includes alternator refurbishment. This includes refurbishing the Continuous Injection System and replacement of vacuum hoses.
4.1 Head Restoration
4.2 Painting Parts
4.3 CIS Refurbishment & Vacuum System
4.4 Alternator Refurbishment
4.5 Sound deadening
4.5 Parts & Tools

Chapter 5 - Engine Rebuild & Set-Up
How to rebuild the 911 engine, including the setting of engine timing and valve adjustment. The tools required to complete this task. Carrera style tensioners and considerations.
Discussion of oil leaks at the appropriate part of the rebuild.
5.1 Head Studs
5.2 Triangle of Death
5.3 Chain Ramps & Timing Chains
5.4 Flywheel?
5.5 Pistons & Cylinders
5.6 Sheet Metal
5.7 Oil Return Tubes and Heads
5.8 Rockers & Timing Chains
5.9 Timing
5.10 Clearances
5.11 Final Long Block Work
5.12 Exhaust, Fan and Shroud
5.13 CIS System
5.14 Clutch
5.15 Parts & Tools

Chapter 6 - Gearbox Rebuilding
The history of the type 915 gearbox. Symptoms and possible corrections before deciding upon a rebuild. My experience with this and the ultimate cost and parts required to complete this task. How to break the gearbox in correctly. Oil changing intervals and how to. Adding short shift kit.
6.1 History of the maligned 915
6.2 Symptoms of issues
6.3 Structure of the Gearbox
6.4 Parts Replaced
6.5 Gearbox Linkage Adjustment and Refreshment
6.6 Short Shift Kit
6.6 Parts & Tools

Chapter 7 - Refitting the engine and gearbox
How to reinstall the engine and gearbox, including fitting of a new clutch and clutch cable. Engine and gearbox mounts. Advice and my experience in doing this. Reconnection of the necessary ancillaries including fuel system and how to fire the car up for the first time. Checking fuel delivery. Setting timing, idle speed. How to break in a rebuild engine and gearbox. CV Joints. Engine sound deadening.
7.1 Joining engine and gearbox
7.2 Setting up to move
7.3 Reconnection
7.4 Firing Up

Chapter 8 - Body Strip
How to dismantle the car, including removal of interior. The tools required for this task and the associated parts. Includes glass removal methods.
8.1 Interior
8.2 Bonnet and rear lid
8.3 Front Bumper and Valance
8.4 Lights
8.5 Front Wings
8.6 Rear Bumper and Valance
8.7 Mirrors and Doors
8.8 Targa Hoop
8.9 Windscreen and Rear Screen

Chapter 9 - Kidney and Sill Repair
9.1 The problem
9.2 Supporting Car
9.2 Cuts
9.3 Welding new parts
9.4 Primed

Chapter 10 - Inner Wings and Wings Restoration
10.1 Wing corrosion
10.2 Inner Wing assessment
10.3 preparation of inner wing & restoration
10.4 outer wing restoration

Chapter 11 - Painting Parts. Some considerations.
Includes identifying originality.
11.1 highlights of repainting

Chapter 12 - Reconstruction of the car.
Includes the infamous task of re-installation of the Targa glass. Key experiences.
12.1 Bumpers and Valance front and rear
12.2 oil lines
12.3 front wings
12.4 bonnet and rear lid
12.5 Doors & Mirrors
12.6 Glass & Relevant Rubbers
12.7 Lights and Wiring
12.8 Tools and Parts

Chapter 13 - Rust Prevention on a 911.
13.1 Injection map
13.2 wheel arch liners - creating
13.3 Materials & Tools to use

Chapter 14 - Targa Roof rebuild
14.1 Examples of issues
14.2 Stripping the roof
14.3 Panel alignment
14.4 Refitting webbing, cotton, etc
14.5 Headlining
14.6 Seal fitting & Window Alignment
14.7 Final result
14.8 Tools and Parts

Chapter 15 - The heating system
15.1 How it works and issues
15.2 Work done to restore
15.3 Alternative approaches
15.4 Parts and Tools

Chapter 16 - Pedal Cluster Rebuild
16.1 Removing the pedal cluster
16.2 Restoration
16.3 Refitting
16.4 Parts and Tools

Chapter 17 - Suspension Refresh
17.1 How suspension works
17.2 Symptoms of age
17.3 Shock Absorbers
17.4 Item X
17.5 Parts and Tools

Chapter 18 - Refitting the interior
18.1 Parts and Tools

Chapter 19 - Born Again

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