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Wydawcy udostępniają darmowe zasoby na czas epidemii

Coffee: Consumption and Health Implications

Coffee: Consumption and Health Implications

Publisher Royal Society of Chemistry
Year 31/01/2019
Pages 594
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9781788014977
Categories Public health & preventive medicine, Chemistry, Food & beverage technology
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Book description

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world but what are the health advantages or disadvantages from consuming it? This book covers how health is influenced by the consumption of coffee from protective effects and potential contributions of bioactive compounds to health to potential risks involved. Written by an international collection of contributors in the field who concentrate on coffee research, it is edited expertly to ensure quality of content, consistency and organization across the chapters. Aimed at advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers and accompanied by a sister volume covering how production and chemistry influence the quality of coffee, these titles provide an impactful and accessible guide to the current research in the field and information on the health aspects for nutritionists and other health professionals.

Coffee: Consumption and Health Implications

Table of contents

Coffee Consumption and Health Impacts: A Brief History of Changing Conceptions; Coffee Antioxidants in Chronic Diseases; Anti-inflammatory Activity of Coffee; DNA Protective Properties of Coffee: From Cells to Humans: Preventive Effect of Coffee Against Cardiovascular Diseases; Coffee in the Development, Progression and Management of Type 2 Diabetes; Caffeine and Parkinson's Disease: From Molecular Targets to Epidemiology and Clinical Trials; Coffee and Alzheimer's Disease; Hepatoprotective Effect of Coffee; Antimicrobial Activity of Coffee; Effect of Coffee on Oral Bacteria Involved in Dental Caries and Periodontal Disease; Effect of Coffee on Weight Management; Potential Prebiotic Effect of Coffee; Caffeine Consumption; Caffeine Metabolism and Health Effects; Chlorogenic Acids: Daily Consumption Through Coffee, Metabolism and Potential Health Effects; Potential Effects of Coffee Isoflavones and Lignans on Health; Potential Effects of Trigonelline and Derivatives on Health; Potential Anti-carcinogenic Effects of Coffee Diterpenes; Potential Effects of B-Carbolines on Human Health; Potential Effects of Coffee Melanoidins on Health; Potential Beneficial Effects of Bioactive Amines on Health; Potential Negative Effects of Caffeine Consumption on Health; Potential Detrimental Effects of Acrylamide on Health; Potential Effects of Furan and Related Compounds on Health; The Dyslipidemic Effect of Coffee Diterpenes; Potential Adverse Effects of Coffee Bioactive Amines to Human Health; Potential Mycotoxin Effects on Coffee Consumers' Health; Carcinogenic Effects of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Modulation by Coffee Compounds; Potential Effects of Pesticides Residues on Health; Subject Index

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