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The Shadow in the East: Vladimir Putin and the New Baltic Front

The Shadow in the East: Vladimir Putin and the New Baltic Front

Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Year 23/01/2020
Pages 256
Version hardback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781788312523
Categories 21st century history: from c 2000 -, International relations
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Book description

The Baltics are about to be thrust onto the world stage. With a 'belligerent' Vladimir Putin to their east (and 'expansionist' NATO to their west), Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are increasingly the subject of unsettling headlines in both Western and Russian media. But how real are these fears, subject as they are to media embellishment, qualification and denial by both Russia and the West? What do they mean for those living in the Baltics - and for the world? Based on her extensive research and work as a journalist, Aliide Naylor takes us inside the geopoltitics of the region. Travelling to the heart of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania she explores modernity in the region that birthed Skype, investigates smuggling and reports of troop movements in the borderlands, and explains the countries' unique cultural identities. Naylor tells us why the Baltics matter, arguing persuasively that this region is about to become the new frontline in the political struggle between East and West.

The Shadow in the East: Vladimir Putin and the New Baltic Front

Table of contents

Chapter 1: The past in the present
Chapter 2: Tangible evidence
Chapter 3: The view from Russia
Chapter 4: Russia in the Baltics
Chapter 5: The Baltics in the 21st century
Chapter 6: The Baltic states in Europe

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