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Right, Said Fred

Right, Said Fred

Publisher Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd
Year 15/10/2020
Version eBook: Reflowable eTextbook (ePub)
Language English
ISBN 9781788703062
Categories Individual actors & performers, Biography: general, Biography: sport, Humour, Cricket
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Book description

As I've got older, I've developed this thing where I mutter stuff under my breath if someone's talking nonsense, probably because I'm getting less tolerant with age.
My kids have picked up on it, so they'll say, 'Talking to yourself again, Dad?'
And my standard reply is, 'Yes, it's the only way I can have a sensible conversation around here.'


Does anybody else watch Donald Trump as a guilty pleasure?
When social distancing is over, can people still keep their distance?
And these days, why has everyone got an opinion on everything and insist on sharing it? Oh. Scratch that one.

From one of Britain's most-loved national treasures comes a much-needed Bible of straight-talking honesty and sharp observational humour. Fresh from months of staying at home, Freddie is ready to impart his effortless charm and wisdom on a wild array of topics.

From the significant: climate change - maybe it's our time to go? To the vital: I'm only doing things I like doing now, not the things I should.

From age-old wisdom: getting older is great because it is inversely proportionate to the amount of sh*ts you have to give. To modern philosophies: the internet has backfired and is hindering our ability to actually get information.

From time-worn questions: what even is political correctness and has the world really gone mad? To our new reality: what are the politics of zoom and is it okay to keep pretending my computer has crashed?

Freddie takes you on a whirlwind tour of his brain as he ponders more of life's most unfathomable questions. Like, just what do you get when you receive the coveted Toby Carvery Gold Card?

Right, Said Fred is exactly the tonic you need after experiencing all of the highs and many, many lows of one helluva year.

Right, Said Fred

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