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Stone Men

Stone Men

Publisher Verso
Year 01/03/2019
Edition First
Pages 320
Version hardback
Readership level General/trade
Language English
ISBN 9781788730266
Categories Anthropology, Human geography
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Book description

The Story of Palestine's Stonemasons and the Building of Israel "They demolish our houses while we build theirs." This is how a Palestinian stonemason, in line at a checkpoint outside a Jerusalem suburb, described his life to Andrew Ross. Palestinian "stone men," utilizing some of the best quality dolomitic limestone deposits in the world and drawing on generations of artisanal knowledge, have built almost every state in the Middle East except their own. Today the business of quarrying, cutting, fabrication, and dressing is Palestine's largest employer and generator of revenue, supplying the construction industry in Israel, along with other Middle East countries and even more overseas. Drawing on hundreds of interviews in Palestine and Israel, Ross's engrossing, surprising, and gracefully written story of this fascinating, ancient trade shows how the stones of Palestine, and Palestinian labor, have been used to build out the state of Israel--in the process, constructing "facts on the ground"--even while the industry is central to Palestinians' own efforts to erect bulwarks against the Occupation. For decades, the hands that built Israel's houses, schools, offices, bridges, and even its separation barriers have been Palestinian. Looking at the Palestine-Israel conflict in a new light, this book asks how this record of achievement and labor can be recognized. "When a writer as original and committed as Andrew Ross turns his attention to Palestine, we know we are up for a unique set of observations. Ross uses the stone quarries of palestine to weave a story that brings together geology, politics, military occupation, water, and environment. It is a story that is at once specific in its attention to details of matter and place and expansive as it takes us across the tragic history of this late manifestation of colonial domination." - Eyal Weizman, author of Hollow Land "Scrupulous ... Andrew Ross has left a portentous mark on what will be, if it happens, a profound debate for the civil rights of indigenous Palestinians in a single-state, a principal share Palestinians have already built themselves." - Palestine Chronicle "Stone Men ... consistently provides insights into the troubled and troubling relationships between Israelis and Palestinians that are hard to come by elsewhere." - Ben Ehrenreich, Guardian "A moving story of craft, material and culture." - Edwin Heathcote, Financial Times "Stone Men provides an in-depth assessment of the coercive and exploitative dynamics which have the potential to open new ways

Stone Men

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